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No. They are made of rotted skin. They are zombies.

ReDeads are zombie-like creatures, with "skin-and-bones" humanoid bodies. However, they do wear wooden masks.

They probably wear a wooden mask to hide their hideous face or something like that. It would make sense.

They are made completely from magic.

they are made from the remians of dead hylians or humans.they covered the faces so it would not scare younger players.

Wow, you can put pictures of enemies on zelda answers. BTW nice redead.

ReDeads are brown zombie-esque creatures with bone structures that bear a striking resemblance to the human body. This is a description of an Ocarina of Time ReDead, whereas the ReDeads in Wind Waker had a bluish skin color and long ears. They are not the remains of dead Hylians or any other race found in Legend of Zelda. ReDeads are separate creatures created by Ganondorf's evil power. They wear the aforementioned wooden masks because the game makers felt the design for the ReDead's face could frighten some players.

in story is the mask part of the reanamating process or if not undead golem making?

or if the wood mask isn't part of their nature as above line then are they sentient/have a sociaty with masks as a cultural thing but are just portrayed as always chaotic evil so attack link and we don't get to see it like with moblins lizalfoe and early game zora?

I've always figured that the masks were put on them after death but prior to their reanimation. Some cultures do place death masks on their dead, after all, and it would make sense that they would reanimate wearing that which they had been buried in (although the clothes would rot away). Also, in Twilight Princess the Redeads are wearing armor with humongous swords, so if they were guards or prisoners who passed away with those articles, then it makes sense that they would come back wearing them. I hold to the belief that they are remains of races that were brought back separate to Ganondorf's power, as they can be seen in locations prior to his ascension, such as beneath certain graves in the Kakariko Graveyard in Ocarina of Time. They are usually only seen in locations where a great amount of death has occured or where remains are kept.

NO! They are dead and rotting corpses. They are zombies.