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It is called the Blade of Evil's Bane for a reason, first, it was forged by the Ancient Sages and recived the power to vanquish all evil; second, it was wielded by the original Link and all those that succeed him as "the Hero of Hyrule", and finally, it only allows those that are pure at the heart to wield it & its magnificent ability to repeal all evil, so there is only ONE & that's probably the only Master Sword there is EVER going to be.

Unless you count the time split. Otherwise, above is right.

This question is likely referring to the level 3 sword you recieve in a Linked game on Oracle of Ages/Seasons, which is the Master Sword. Since it basically came from no where and that you obtain it from odd sources rather than the Pedestal of Time, like on other games. But, it is likely, that this is the same Master Sword, I am unsure of how it was freed from its pedestal, but there is no other so far in the series. Timelinesplitter 17:43, April 24, 2012 (UTC)