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Since we see baby Gorons in Twilight Princess, one would assume so. However, it is also possible that the Gorons do not reproduce by any known physical means. It is unlikely that there are female Gorons since all Gorons always refer to each other as "brother". How they reproduce is unknown.

I would assume so, and that it is really difficult to tell the male and female Gorons apart.

I dont think so because they have never appeared in any zelda game. It is more likely that gorons are born from rocks or something.

Maybe. For some reason, a baby Goron is born in OoT when you time travel.

Well, there ARE female Goron's in the OoT manga, but its non-canon. I'd assume there probably are female gorons, we just haven't seen them.

Actually, in Phantom Hourglass there is female Goron in their home Island, but other that in this game and maybe Spirit Tracks I don't think there is any other example of female Goron. (but we may see female Goron in Skyward Sword)

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