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Of course. All the time, yo.yes, Hylia reincarnated into zelda and link reincarnated into other links, as they are bound to have the spirit of the hero mentioned by demise in skyward sword.yes on many occasions because SS link was the goddesses hero and not the hero of time yet, then there was the hero of time link before the great flood, then when no link appeared the great flood occured and there was a new link who helped found new hyrule, also zelda was reincarnated when link was e.g. SS zelda, OOT zelda and i also believe tetra from PH, 4S, and WW.


Here is a list of Links and Zeldas that are the same and different throughout the series:

  • The Hero of the Goddess, and Zelda of Skyward Sword
  • Link and Zelda of Minish Cap
  • Link and Zelda of Four Swords
  • The Hero of Time/Hero's Shade and Zelda of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask (in which Zelda makes a flashback appearance in), Hero of Time appears in Twilight Princess as the Hero's Shade, but different Link and Zelda are also present at this time.
  • Link and Zelda of Twilight Princess
  • Link and Zelda of Four Sword Adventure
  • The Hero of Winds and Zelda/Tetra of Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass
  • Link and Zelda of Spirit Tracks
  • The Hero of the Era of Light and Dark appears in the games A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, and Link's Awakening. Zelda does not make an appearance in Link's Awakening, and it isn't confirmed (as to my knowledge) whether or not the Zelda of A Link to the Past and Oracle of Ages/Seasons is the same one.
  • During the Era of Decline (Decline Timeline, final era), it appears as though there is one Link, and two Zeldas, one of which is Princess Zelda the first, whom was put to eternal sleep, and the other one is captured by Ganon in the beginning of the original Zelda game (Zelda I).

So, all in all, there are exactly 10 Links and 11 or 12 Princess Zeldas in the series as a whole. They are all different reincarnations of the original Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword and take their root from Demise's curse at the end of Skyward Sword. A fun fact is that there are two Ganondorfs in the whole timeline. Timelinesplitter 08:05, May 15, 2012 (UTC)