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Link and Zelda travel to the Dark Realm, destroy the Demon Train, and get on top of it. Zelda (as a phantom) grabs Zelda's body, who Malladus is possessing, and Link shoots it with a Light Arrow. Malladus is separated from Zelda's body and eats Cole. Byrne protects Zelda from Malladus as she re-enters her body. Malladus transforms into a beast resembling Ganon, and Link defend Zelda as she concentrates her power and combines it with the power of the Spirit Flute. They perform a duet and a weak spot on the back of Malladus lights up. Link distracts Malladus as Zelda shoots the weak spot with a light arrow 3 times. Malladus is stunned, and Link slashes a crystal on his head. Then it repeats. On the 3rd stun, Zelda and Link both attack the crystal and kill Malladus. Anjean and Byrne both ascend to the heavens.

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