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first time, just when e takes colin, you're in Hyrule field and you have to come close to him and attack him, each time you hit him a piece of armor falls off then he goes to the bridge of Eldin and you have to go as well, then he comes running at you and you have to dodge him and slash him(spin attack is very usefull) second time, when you have to escourt Telma, Ilia and Ralis to Kakariko village, you just have to shoot him 2 times with an arrow and then he falls off the bridge(great bridge of Hylia, that is) third time, in Gerudo desert, just use the backslice until he goes away and burns the building, and take the bulbo and storm through the gate fourth and last time, in Hyrule Castle you just fight one on one, just like the previous one, the backslice will do the trick

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