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Once you arrive on this floor, immediately slash at the phantom that is right next to the safe zone. Once he is out of the way, send a bombchu to the left side of the room and defeat the phantom eye that patrols the northwest corner. Also send another bombchu through the small hole on the left and hit the switch. This will lower the spikes on the right side of the room, allowing Link to reach the small key. Link can also launch a series of bombchus to draw the second phantom nearby. Once nearby he can the hammer to draw him close and defeat him with his sword. This isn't necessary as Link will have better opportunities to defeat or avoid him shortly. Equip the bow and arrow and quickly run to the right. Launch an arrow in the eye switch and all the gust jars in the room will de-activate. Quickly run south, west, and north to where the key was dropped. Pick it up and also, if you haven't defeated the second phantom in this room, do so now. Once he is gone, quickly run to the north of the room and head back up the steps to the checkpoint chamber. Walk on over to the yellow pot but don't break it! Lift it up and carry it down to the floor below. Walk with it to the northwest corner of the room and toss the yellow pot at the red pot, breaking both of them. Pick up the 30 seconds that is left behind while walking into the small puddle safe zone created by the red pot. From here, send a bombchu up through two small holes and hit the switch that lower the nearby spikes. Run to the door at the northwest corner of the room. Unlock it and head down the steps to the next floor.

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