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Knock is magic attack back and forth with your sword untill it hits him. When he fall jump over and hack away. Lather, rinse, repeat.

When he becomes the monster at the end hit him in the face with a Light Arrow then run around him and hit his tail with another Light Arrow or the Big Goron Knife. If you get low on health, magic, or arrows hide behind some debris so that Gannon destroys it. Its should give you something, if its what you what then good for you.

When Zelda holds him with her magic give him a good swing to the head and thats it!

NOTE: during the first fight with ganondork, he will sometimes throw black magic on you. either you can use your spin attack when he releases it or you can shoot a light arrow at him while its forming. when he falls to the ground u can use ur longshot or the hoover boots rather than jumping over, its faster and you get more hits off him. if you fall off use the longshot to save you time rather than manually climbing all the way up. also in the battle with ganon (the beast battle)you can roll under his legs and hit him with the megaton hammer too. i never had to use the light arrows on the ganon battle since the rolling meathod is faster. good luck and watch out that princess zelda doesnt push you off while ur escaping!


(hey dude, why did u erase it? its additional information.your not the only one who can answer these so dont erase it.)

First off its GanondorF, and mine is a basic guide, all you need to know.

lol i know that its ganondorf, jeeze im called zeldafreak for a reason. its called a joke. and just cuz you made one doesnt mean we cant improve it. just more info to help. so calm down.

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