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the zora saphire is obtained inside great jabu jabu. to get inside go to zoras domain (you must first aquire bombs in dodongos cavern) and obtain the zora's scale. use it to get the bottle in lake hylia. give the letter to king zora and catch a fish with the empty bottle. give the fish to jabu jabu to get inside. you must then navigate the dungeon using princess ruto to compress switches. at the end you obtain the zoras sapphire. ~ Anonymous

Spoilers for anyone who hasn't played past this part or at all -

To get the Zora Sapphire, you have to beat the Jabu Jabu boss, Barinade. To get to Barinade, you must take one of the crates in the room past the entrance, then go to the switch next to the boss room, and simply place the crate on the switch to hold it down until you get inside. ( YOU MUST HAVE BEATEN THE OCTO DUDE BEFORE GETTING IN THERE!!! ( When you have to get Ruto on the platform with the Stone on it ) ) Beat Barinade and claim the Zora Sapphire ( Engagement ring ) ( If you looked at this when you didn't plan too, you ruined it for yourself ) - Jon U.