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Zant will first fly up over a poisonous lake where you can't get to him: use your Wind Boomerang to knock him down a couple of times. The next few stages (these might not be in order) are as follows:Zant will hop around on wooden posts and fire magic at you: roll into the post he is on and he will fall off attack him with sword and repeat/Zant will hide inside a single metal head, from where he will fire magic at you: use the Hookshot to pull him out to you and attack him with sword.Repeat/Zant will become gigantic and drop icicles on you before landing himself:avoid the icicles until Zant lands, then swing the Ball and chain at his feet. He will clutch his foot and shrink to normal size. Attack with sword.Repeat/Zant will jump and tip the arena:use your Iron Boots to stick to the surface, and grab Zant when he comes towards you, as you did in the arena the first time. Zant will hop out of the lava. Attack with sword.Repeat/The final stage is a simple sword fight. Attack Zant as you would anormal enemy(note that you cannot attack when Zant uses a spinning attack). THe sword fight ends the boss fight and Midna will use the Fused Shadows to defeat Zant once and for all.

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