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In twilight princess? I forget, just read this walkthrough. (But in Twilight princess, is "Lakebed Temple" could it be in Oc arina, or twilight princess or another game?)


Here, swim down the tunnel until you get to the passage with the Clams. Equip your Iron Boots, then slash at them (albeit sluggishly), until they die. Continue along the floor to the opposite side, avoiding any enemies that you can, then de-equip your boots and start surfacing. Along the way, you will encounter some Jellyfish. Avoid them as well by staying far away from them, until you can finally emerge from the water. At the top, open the chest right behind you to the south for 10 Water Bombs, and another one to the east partially hidden by the shadow of one of the rock pillars. I would also recommend fighting the red Chus in here and scooping their remains up for some helpful recovery items (but not the Purple Chus). Next, head up the northern stairs, and once you get stopped by the gate, turn around and jump onto the lever to pull it down and open the gate. Head up again and go through the next door.

In here, head off to the end of the ledge, and a stalacite will fall down. Midna will warn you about them, so equip your bomb arrows (go into the - Screen, highlight your bombs, and press Z), and aim at each stalacite (you do not need to hit their necks; hitting the bulk of each rock should be sufficient to bring it down). Now head down the small ramp to the bottom, and use the stalacites to climb up the ledges to the top. Just before the door, however, head west and go up onto the cliff against the wall here via stalacite to open a chest for another 10 Water Bombs. Go back down and head through the door.

I will refer to this next little area as the central room, so keep advised. Head forward and kill the reptilian guard (via regular sword strikes or a bomb arrow), then continue inside. Walk forward, watch a scene, then go down a floor via the giant staircase. Head along either side of the circumference until you get to the southern end of the circular floor, then go and jump off the nearby ledge and weigh down the lever. This will cause the staircase to turn around. Before going upstairs again, make sure to claim 20 Arrows from a nearby chest at the end of the path (in the future, if you are lost, look towards the floor. Blue and purple tiles will help point you in the direction that you should go).

Up here, head left from the top of the staircase, and continue around until you get to the wall. Break open the moving pot here to free Ooccoo, whom you can once again use. Next, head back to the northern side of the room, then continue down to the eastern side, where you should jump off the ledge and onto the lever to once more rotate the staircase around. Drop down and head down the stairs. Go right from here to open the chest for the Dungeon Map, then head back and enter the doorway at the base of the stairs.

Coming in, confront the hard-shelled enemy. In order to defeat it, you will likely want to circle it around and pull off an attack on it's back side when you can, or else use the Back Slice a couple of times. Afterwards, continue west and out into the next room. In here, head along the ledge to the west, but before jumping over, take out your Bomb Arrows (again, go into the - Screen, highlight your bombs, and press Z). Fire one each at the slagamites hanging above the ceiling for them to fall down onto the wto geysers. Next, head through the tunnel that is to the north, and you will emerge on a cliff right next to the contraption in the middle. Climb up the vines here on the stone pillar, and go around to the other side using the vines. Next, jump over first one ordinary pillar, then a rock that goes up and down based on the geyser underneath it, and finally onto a ledge containing a chest. Open the chest for a Small Key.

Now, head back across the pillars and vines and through the tunnel, then make your way back to the staircase room. Up here, go left, and head all the way to the northern end of the room. Open the locked door here, and enter. Cross the hallway inside, ignoring the enemy, and continue onto the next area. In here, go along the hallway south to come to a chest holding a five pack of some more Water Bombs, then head to the northern end, where you will see a metal gate blocking your path. Look up, and you should see some more stalacites. Shoot down the one that is closest to the vines on the nearby wall, and use it as a ledge to climb up the vines. Once you make it up, drop on the actual gate itself, not onto the floor on the other side. Once on the top, head down the ledge and jump onto the lever, which will cause the lever to drop.

With that out of the way, continue down the hallway, and you should see a big rock at the end. Use one of your bombs to blow the rock up, and then continue down, dodging the two enemies in your path. Ignore the bubble enemy that comes around in here, and instead go through the door to the east side of the room (just head straight south from your position and left a bit). Drop off the ledge here, then continue straight down the hallway, and open a chest at the end for another Small Key. Go west a slight bit along the hallway, and there should be a door to your right. Enter.

Duel the Komodo Lizard, then jump across the gear mechanism thingy to the northern side, and enter the door here. Simply turn a left to go back into the room with the bubble enemy. Head north a bit and then right to find a locked door. Unlock it, then enter a large room. Here, head along the plateau until you get to some vines going down, and climb/drop down. Head to the eastern portion of the bottom floor, then climb up the vines. Up here, head up the (admittedly lengthy) winding ramp around the room to the top, killing some spiders along the way. Once you make it, open the chest at the end for 10 Water Bombs, then climb up either ladder leaning against the nearby arch. Jump towards the golden lever, then drop down once the stream of water begins to flow. Backtrack a bit down the ramp, and you will end up being carted down by the current (or you could just dive down from the top for a quicker trip into the water).

Once you hit the bottom, swim over to the pillar in the middle of the room, and get onto the ledge. Jump towards the lever to activate another floodgate that will cause the water to start flowing into the rest of the temple. With that done, head back into the room with the bubble enemy through the southeast, and then then go to the northeast door. Head north a bit, then turn right into the room with the gear-like platform. After the scene, drop down into the room below. Climb up the vines and ledges, and make your way to the front of this room. Turn around, and you should see that because of the rotating pillar, three platforms hanging off of it are also moving around. Jump onto one of them, and when you get to the northern end, jump off onto the small ledge. Head into the new room.

Head straight left from the entrance, and you will come to a chest containing a Small Key. After you have obtained it, go back from whence you came to the previous area. Jump onto a platform, and once it rotates over to the western end, jump onto the platform and enter this door. In here, unlock the door right in front of you, then head down the tunnel and into the water. Swim along until you get swept by the current into a side path with a large chest; when this happens, equip your Iron Boots, and open the chest for a red Rupee. Head back out into the main area of water and go west into the part of the wall that the jet stream is coming from (with your Iron Boots still equipped). A tiny alcove to the north in here will contain 5 Bombs. Head back out, then continue on north till you get to the webbed wall at the very end. Plant a bomb near the rock to reveal a hole in the wall. Move north some more into the next room.

In here, de-equip both the Zora Suit and your Iron Boots, then swim along the tunnel and exit out. Once the hole closes in on itself, look up to the ceiling to activate a mini-boss fight.


Not too difficult of a battle to fight. Once he drops down, he will stand up, and release frog eggs from his back. These eggs will quickly morph into mini-frogs, whom you will have to kill. My advice is to get close to part of the egg batch and use the Spinning attack to kill a good amount before they can even grow up, use the Z-Targeting mechanism to slay any more that come towards you, and, once you can use your Spin attack again, get close to any big groups and take them down.

Once every mini-frog is dead (yes, every one of them), the big frog will become active. It will jump up into the air, and try to land on Link. A good rule of thumb is to run away from the shadow it casts, and try to roll out at the last moment. The impact of landing will temporarily stun the Frog, so turn around and head to it's mouth, where it's tongue will be lying out. Slash at it a couple of times.

The frog will then get up and at this point opens it's mouth. IF you let it be, then it will hatch out more eggs for you to fight off. However, if you throw a bomb into it's mouth while it is open like this, then it will swallow it, and indigestion plus the explosion will stun it again, allowing you to strike it once. You can also Z-Target onto the frog's tongue and just use your hidden skill to injure it. Repeat the process two or three more times to win.

After you win, open the chest to obtain the Clawshot. Equip it, then use it on the targets on the three ledges up above in the room if you want some Rupees (of which there is a good collection to ransack here). Perhaps the best use for this in fighting enemies will be against the jellyfish enemies you may occasionally see - using this on them will rip their brains out, instantly killing them. Afterwards, go to the southern end of the room, where you will find a gate. Look up above to find a target, and aim your Clawshot at it. Link will cause the target to weigh down, opening the gate. Go into the next room, and in here, head straight up the small slope and into the next room (by the way, you can attack those pesky shell enemies with the Clawshot now).

Here, jump onto one of the platforms, and once you get to the eastern end, head over to the main platform, then backtrack to the centralized room with the staircase.


Watch a small scene with the water rising, then go up the staircase to the top. Up here, head around to the southern end, and turn to face the middle of the room. Look up to the ceiling, and you can see a glass chandelier, with half a dozen targets. Use the Clawshot on any one of them to take yourself up to the ceiling, and drop down. Open the treasure chest up here for another Piece of Heart.

Drop back down into the water, and head to the pillar in the center. In an alcove here, you shall find a chest containing a red Rupee. Now go back onto the staircase from whence you entered via the vines on the walls, then head west. Look up above you to see some vines on the ceiling, and use the Clawshot on them to get over the small fence. Continue down the room 'til you get to the eastern side, then turn around to face the center of the room. Look up, and use the Clawshot on the target right above you. This will turn the staircase to face you, along with causing the direction of water to change. Enter the door near here into the eastern hallway. Inside here, go through the waterwheel as it turns around, and into the next room.

In here, jump onto the first platform, then aim at the target towards your left that will place you above a small pillar. Drop down and open a chest for 10 Water Bombs. Aim towards the north to some vines, and climb up the pillar and around and onto a safe ledge. Tilt your view south for another stone pillar with vines, and do the same thing. Finally, aim northeast towards some more vines, climb across, and drop onto the floor. Enter the door here.

Walk east in this room to find two geysers. Look to the ceiling above, and you should see a stalacite above the larger geyser. Equip a bomb arrow (again, go to the - menu, highlight the bombs, and press Z), then shoot at the stalacite. Quickly jump on the make-shift platform, and once the geyser shoots it up, jump across the hole in the wall and drop down on the other side. Quickly kill the enemies, then use the Clawshot to weigh down the target right in front of the gate to open it for future purpose. With that done, head down the hallway, and use the Clawshot on the target in front of the door to get onto the ledge. Go inside.

Ignore the bubble enemies here, and quickly aim your clawshot at the vines on the ceiling to the east. Climb across the wall into the opposite side of the room, and drop down. Turn to your right and Clawshot the vines on the opposite wall, then climb up and onto the ledge. Now, make your way to the top of the room. While doing so, you will come across two gaps. At the first one, aim your Clawshot at the target on the other side of the gap, but do so right after the geyser drops so you do not get hit by the water. The second is more of the same.

Once you make it to the top, open the chest for 10 Water Bombs, then turn right and head down the small walkway. Use the Clawshot to hook onto the target on the ledge (it must be the left one since the right one has a lamp on it). Drop down once you get up top, and open the chest for the Compass. Jump off this ledge, then head back behind the arch, and climb either ladder. Jump onto the golden lever to trigger the floodgate, then jump off from the top into the water below. Head to the central ledge, and jump onto the lever here to open the second floodgate.

Now go back to the entrance to this room, and head into the smaller portion across the gate by targeting the vines on the ceiling with your Clawshot and climbing over it. Take the left/northern door here into the next room. Inside, drop into the water and head to the southwest corner of the small pond, and equip your Iron Boots to drop to the bottom, while all the time avoiding the jellyfish (or you can perform an instant kill on them via the Clawshot) and clam enemies. Open the chest here for a red Rupee, then resurface, and climb onto the western ledge. Head through the door to your north to enter the room with the two big gears. Jump onto the right one, then make your way over to the southwest corner, killing a Lizalfos in the room. Exit out.

Outside here, head south, and open a chest for a red Rupee. Go north now until you get to a gate, and use the Clawshot on the target right above you to bring down the gate. Open the chest on the opposite side for 15 Water Bombs, then continue northwest through the waterwheel and go through the door on the side wall. Here, head to the western side of the ledge, and aim at the stone pillar with vines to the west. Once you successfully make it over, aim towards the west wall, where you should see some more targets. When you make it over there successfully, open the chest for 20 Rupees. From here, Clawshot back to the first stone pillar.

Now, aim down and to the west again to see a smaller pillar with more vines. Get down onto the ledge here, then aim west at the ceiling of the one rotating gear. Now, for the really hard part. You must wait until the target that does not have a platform attached comes around, and you must aim at it. However, since it is moving, you must also shoot the Clawshot about a second ahead of the target to successfully target it. Once you do get on, wait until you have rotated about 270 degrees. Drop down by pressing down on the analog stick, and use the C button to view the three ledges here. Once you are somewhat above the ledge in between the two gears, drop down onto it. Aim at the other gear in a similar manner, and drop yourself off at the eastern end. Enter.

Dive into the water inside, then swim down. Go first through a northern passage guarded by a clam, then head east in the next large section. Swim up a bit and onto a ledge, and plant a Water Bomb next to the boulder here (or else kill a nearby fish that will turn into a water bomb upon it's death), making sure to deal with any of the pesky fish enemies. Head into the next section, and resurface. On a small ledge to the east, climb up onto land and claim a five- pack of bombs from the chest. Dive back into the water, equip your Iron Boots to sink down to the bottom, and blow up another rock in the southeast corner. Continue down the tunnel, and once you hit the dead end, de-equip your Iron Boots and resurface. Enter the door once on land.

First, Z-Target the bubble enemy, then let loose your Clawshot. This will pull the enemy in the bubble out. Slash it with your sword a few times to kill it, then use your Clawshot again on the block right above the platform. This will open up a hole in the floor right underneath Link. Lower Link down (don't drop off, or else the hole will close faster than you can get down there). At the bottom, open the chest for the Big Key. Equip your Iron Boots, roll off the platform, and head through the door underwater going east.

Swim through the tunnel while dodging/Clawshotting our favorite Jellyfish enemies. Once you make it out into open space again, do not surface or go down to the ground yet; rather, head through the hole to the west where you bombed a boulder a few minutes ago, then surface. Head north and west onto dry land, then continue west. Swim across another small stretch of land and head through the western door. In here, use the targets on the gears to go across the room, and once on a platform under the western gear, target the vines to the west. Head up the ledge, and head through the western door. Continue back into the central room. In here, watch the scene as the water level rises once more, then drop down into the lake.


Make sure that the bottom of the staircase is facing west (if not, go up to the second floor, and trigger the west switch). Head through the west room into the area with a single cog. With the water coming into here, the water levels will rise, causing the bridge in this room to connect from the central platform to a new unaccessible room. Go onto the center platform and head south. Here, you shall be blocked by a gate; step onto the switch, and once the gate has opened all the way, pull yourself through by using the Clawshot on the left target. Kill the Lizalfos, then open the chest for a Heart Piece. To get back out, use the Clawshot target on the ceiling.

Head back to the central chamber once more. For one last piece of treasure, go up to the second floor, and head through the west door. Inside, loop around to the northern side, then continue down west and up the hill tunnel into the next room. Here, continue west into the room with the giant water slide. To obtain your last treasure, you will have to trudge to the top; against the water. There are only two ways to do this, both of which are a mite inconvenient. The first is to equip your Iron Boots and crawl all the way to the top (although rolling would make it go by faster), additionally using the Clawshot targets to bring yourself up quicker. The second is to get onto the inside railing, and follow it up to the top, taking a few seconds to equip the Boots and go into the water when you hit a support column.

At the top, continue west and across the bridge. Use your Clawshot on the left target to pull yourself across the waterfall, and open the chest for a red Rupee. Now head back all the way to the center room, and dive down to the first floor. Swim to the central platform, and climb up onto dry land. Unlock the boss door here, and enter and drop down the hole. Equip your Iron Boots to initiate the boss of the Lakebed Temple.


For the first part of the battle, keep your Iron Boots equipped. When Morpheel's tentacles start wavering around and it's eye is moving around, get close to it, Z-Target the eyeball, and use the Clawshot to pull it out. Swipe at it with your sword, and it will quickly retreat back into the tentacle. After the first attack, Morpheel shall release bomb fish that not only will attack you if you get too close, but also make Z-Targeting more difficult. As such, when you try to attack, only get as close as you need to to use the Clawshot; otherwise, the tentacle will grab you and throw you into Morpheel's mouth (if this happens, de-equip the Iron Boots so you don't fall straight back into Morpheel's mouth). When you do so, waver your Clawshot around until you have a lock on the eyeball, and take it out.

After you attack the eyeball thrice, the true form of Morpheel - a giant snake-eel - shall emerge from the depths of the lake floor. Once this happens, de-equip your Iron Boots. You should note that on Morpheel's back is his eyeball; once again this will be his weak point. You must now chase after Morpheel - conventional mechanics such as going across the diameter of the room while he is swimming around in circles to cut time will help. You should also make especially sure not to swim right in front of him, or else he will swallow you up whole and spit you out (if this occurs, you can just equip your Irons Boots to stop him from sucking you in).

To injure him, Z-Target him, and when you get close enough to him and are facing his back-side, use the Clawshot to hook onto his eyeball. Once you land on his back, shake your Remote as if you were intending to slash with your sword for Link to repeatedly stab him. Once Morpheel shakes you off his back, repeat the process one or two more times to finally finish him off.

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