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It's just a Triangle. And Fierce Deity is a Terminian Deity, not a Hylian deity. >.>

The 3 goddesses created Hyrule, Din, Nayru, and Farore

Iz not just your theory. Popularly known as the Tetraforce, it is an idea that there were four beings there during the creation of Hyrule, the three standard goddesses and an additional fourth one. This is indicated by the presence of FOUR Light Spirits in TP, FOUR Links in Four Swords, FOUR golden triangles on the Hylian Shield... it is believed that the fourth triangle is an 'exiled' god / goddess, due to it's silhouette in the main Triforce and it's very rare appearance, only on the original Hylian Shield and, of course, the Fierce Deity. Previous commenters have a point though, Fierce Deity has only been encountered in Termina as of yet, meaning that others are possible, including a Gerudo-esque goddess (the Desert Colossus, of which there is a massive statue to inside the Spirit Temple and an engraving in the rock on the outside), the Goddess of Time (mentioned ocassionally in later games, often considered the same being as Nayru) or even some sort of shadow god (as indicated by the exiled nature, possibly relating to the Twili. Further reinforced by the fact that the first three Links in Four Swords bear colors relating to the Golden Goddesses, while the fourth Link is purple, a color often associated with the Shadow Temple).

Person above, Nintendo has already stated there is no fourth triforce, that's why they removed the fourth triangle from the shield in Twilight Princess. There is no mention of a fourth triforce in OoT, none of the games mention it.

This isn't really a question.

He has a triangle on his shield so he is the creator of Hyrule? Gee, that must mean basically every reincarnation of Zelda, Link, Gannondorf and any other person who has a triforce symbol must be a god. Polytheism ftw.No more asking this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^It's funny, because in SS, you find out Zelda and Ganondorf are.

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