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No. You only lose tears when your hit once. Which you will have to start again. You keep the relics or treasures you collected even if you were pinned down by a guardian

Sadly not, i know from experience that whatever transpires in the silent realm before you fail the trial is reset when struck by a guardian but all the dusk relics are in the same place as before so it's really just a matter of picking them up again. Oh and to anyone struggling with any of the four silent realms, particularly the last one here are a few tips that may or may not be of use to you: 1. try and start collecting tears that are farthest from the trial gate first that way there's less chance of screwing up on the way back. 2. always leave at least one tear close to the gate, believe me this works a charm. 3. when running from a guardian after being detected don't just pick up the first tear you see, try to memorise the locations of the siren ghosts and grab tears that aren't covered by one's patrol route cause the last thing you want is to pick up a tear, get lulled into a false sense of security and then get spotted again immeadiatley after recovering. Hope these help :)

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