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She looks like a man, but no. It's Zelda in a different outfit. She's trying to hide from Ganondorf.

King Zora says Sheik is a young man

[Person 3:] Ah, that's a good question. There are two different popular beliefs about Sheik's gender. One is that "he" is nothing but Zelda in a disguise, padded up and breasts bound. The second belief is that Zelda actually changes her gender through use of magic (possibly the triforce), and actually becomes male. Either way, a huge number of people are fooled, including some rather important characters; King Zora, Ruto, and Navi.

Type "sheik's gender" on Google- It has some info on Sheik if you look around....

It's a pretty thought about... let's call it a theory. Some people say it's a full gender change, some say that it's not. I believed it was a full gender change, but OoT3D made me think otherwise. --zzi 16:31, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

my theory, is techinaclly, no. my theory is that Zelda used magic to put her conciousness to sleep, awakening Sheik, who is a man trapped in the body of a woman, and thus disguises his/her body as a man. both the fact that Zelda's conocousness is a sleep and that Sheik looks like a dude helped fool Ganondorf. my theory, i have no proof.

Sheik is a girl. she is princess zelda, she used padding under her clothes to make herself look like a man, that's why people in the game think she is a guy

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