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No they are not. They dislike trespassers, but then again, don't we all? And Ganondorf is possessed by Ganon. ~Pgans

Well, they're thieves, they were willing to kill Link, they killed Mikau, they deserve wind that brings death, no they seem like perfect angels. (SARCASM, duh!)

The Desert Gerudos and Pirate Gerudos, while both obviously of the Gerudo race, are very different. Firstly, there is the obvious, one lives in the desert and the other is a pirate about on the seas. The Pirate Gerudos seem to be much more malicious and violent than the Desert Gerudos. Notice that the Desert Gerudos keep their captives, well, captive - they throw Link in a cell if he is caught around the Fortress, they kept the carpenters in caged cells - whereas the Pirate Gerudos will violently attack to kill (they left Mikau mortally wounded). So the two Gerudo subraces cannot exactly be paired together to make the Gerudo race evil as a whole. Regardless, all Gerudos are theives - but the Desert Gerudos are said to come to Hyrule Castle Town to flirt with men and the like, so they aren't exactly much more than theives who will keep you captive if they catch you snooping about their territory. In Ocarina of Time, the Gerudos are supposed to worship Ganondof as their king, as he was the single Gerudo male of the century; obviously Nabooru rebelled, so not all Gerudos are really "bad" and "evil" may be too strong a word to use - for the Desert Gerudos, at least.

The Gerudos were only evil in Ocarina of Time because Ganondorf was, and Nabooru, their second-in-command, was possessed by Twinrova. The Gerudos in Majora's Mask are a different story, though.

What is this Twinrova possessed Nabooru, and Ganon possessed Ganondorf nonsense? Twinrova brainwased Nabooru into becoming a servant for Ganondorf, it was obvious that Twinrova and Nabooru were still separate beings, since Twinrova was present to command Nabooru (in Iron Knuckle form) to kill Link. Ganondorf is his own entity, his motives are his own, but he has the same spirit as Demise, the Demon King. Ganondorf is not possessed by anyone. Ganondorf becomes Ganon by use of the Triforce of Power (or Trident of Power in Four Swords Adventure). The third response (long paragraph) is the most accurate response. The Gerudos are Thieves but Nabooru even states that Ganondorf is a wicked man that she would never bow to. Ganondorf is in his own league, and definitely more evil than the Gerudo race as a whole. Timelinesplitter 01:36, June 8, 2012 (UTC)

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