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As seen in Majora's Mask, they lay eggs, which is a rare trait among mammals. And, their ability to breathe in and out of water classifies them as amphibians.

I would say in our world Zoras would most likely be similar to Frogs or Toads in our world... and the opposite of what the guy above says is true Mammals actually have there Children born live and outside of eggs its normally Reptiles and Amphibians and Fish that lay eggs... so yeah Zoras would be Frogs or Toads in our world so no they would not be Mammals.

Some mammals lay eggs, like echidnas. Egg-laying is not what keeps Zora from being classified as mammals. Wikipedia defines mammals as "members of a class of air-breathing vertebrate animals characterized by the possession of hair, three middle ear bones, and mammary glands functional in mothers with young." Zora have all those things but ears and hair. What makes me decide on an answer is the baby form of a Zora: a tadpole! Wikipedia defines amphibians as "animals that metamorphose from a juvenile water-breathing form, either to an adult air-breathing form, or to a paedomorph that retains some juvenile characteristics." No mammal grows from a water-breathing form. Mammal babies are born as air-breathing and remain air-breathing (unlike Zora). Zora are amphibians.

I say that they are a fictional fish-human hybrid (video games don't have to be scientifically correct)

Most likely Zoras are born live, as most mammals are. HOWEVER-this is the definition of a Mammal:

"has hair, fur or wool, and nurses its young"

therefore, ask yourself this-

do Zoras have hair?

not visibly, however they might have short hairs on their arms.

do Zoras nurse their young?

We don't know.

so, in an answer, no, Zoras are most likely not mammals.


Zoras are probabaly amphibians. Judging by Princess Ruto's desire to marry Link, Zoras and humans can probabaly mate, so it is possible that they nurse their young, but if Link speaks to Ruto while wearing the Zora mask in OoT, she says "All right! You actually decided to become a Zora! Are you actually ready to marry me now?" possibly implying that humans can turn into Zoras, maybe by the means of marriage or a kiss, or maybe a bite, though this is never proven.

proof of NON-mammal: they have no hair or fur

could be mamals since some mamals lay eggs, if they once had fur but evolved beyond it(or mostly anyway ex whales and dolphin fur), some zora appear to have mamories and other mamal traits, but then again appear to lack niples and visible genetalia,

non water breathing as far as i know isn't technically in the list of required mamal traits, ruto seems to suggest they can mate although she could be crazy, too young to know different, the world may be under high fantasy type breeding rules where sentient beings can pretty much all mate regardless of class(classification meaning of it) or...well you don't have to actually be able to reproduce to want to mate, don't evne need the parts to match up ex dog/table.

they breath water, have a tadpole stage before growing legs and becoming water dwelling amphibious, have scales, and evolve into birds, may once have been one day become or may be evolutionarally related to mindless firebreathing fish creatures.

they are magical beings in fantasy world where such classifications don't quite apply, they are fish people who one day beome bird people..

there are no such classifications(or if they are its more of a phenotypical beasteary/monster manual type of thing of traits they have today rather than based on adaptation and how they came to be, ex dolphin likely grouped with or closely to fish not with hippos and then deer/canine like things(maybe ranking dolphin between seal and fish but doubt its seen as more like a cat than a shark)) as there is no evolution, existant creatures were created more or less in their current state by the gods and if changes occur are further changed through decine influence to suit them to a changing world not random mutation. the begining is within human(elf?) historical recolection more or less and passed on through lore.


" {C}[1]=====Zora Eggs===== {C}Even though it's easy to think of Zoras as mammals, they are actually much closer in biological terms to fish than to humans. Zoras reproduce by laying Zora Eggs.
Majora's Mask


When the Goddesses created Hyrule, they blessed Zora's Fountain and eventually the fish which swam in its water evolved into the Zoras we know today. They are humanoid in form, but the Zoras can survive both underwater and on land. Led by their King, the Zoras are peaceful creatures who enjoy music and sports.
The Legend of Zelda , A Link to the Past , Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask , Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons

The games never come out and tell us so i have created a theory.

In The legend Of Zelda it takes place in a different universe or world most likely Hylians didn't evolve from the same things humans did in real life i beleive down the evolutionary line zoras lived in much wetter locations thus leading zoras to be amphibian like creatures instead of mammals. Also zoras could be the result of a human fish hybread.

Yes, look at all their lucious fur and lack of lungs because those are definitly things Zoras have. Y/N?

It may be pushing it to say humans and Zora can mate purely because of Ruto's comments. She was after all a young silly girl who probably had little to no idea about sexuality. In her later years she seemed more mature and never metioned the idea of marriage to Link in a serious way. It is simply a flatuation of a little girl which she grew out of.

As far as Ruto wanting to marry Link, being in love and being able to mate aren't necessarily the same thing.

Defintly not Mammels. They lay eggs.

Quote: 'When the Goddesses created Hyrule, they blessed Zora's Fountain and eventually the fish which swam in its water evolved into the Zora.' Therefore they are Not Mammals. Yes their infant form is a tadpole, but they 'evolved' from Fish, they are fish - Alternatively, how's this for a crazy theory:

The Legend of Zelda is a game series, all the races do Not have to be Classified.


^ The Zoras evolved from Parella in Skyward Sword, that is told in Hyrule Historia. But I agree, they are obviously not mammals. They have eggs and swim like fish. They are aquatic creatures, more relative to fish. Timelinesplitter 01:42, June 8, 2012 (UTC)