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Link's face when Groose is about to fall on him. Quite a few! My personal favorite is close to the beginning of Wind Waker. SPOILER ALERT! When Link goes to the Forsaken Fortess, Tetra fires a barrel (with Link in it) from a catapult into a solid stone wall! SPOILER OVER. There is always at least one funny scene in any Zelda game after OoT.


You can find funnies in most 3-D (main console) Zelda games.


Like in Wind Waker with the barrel, or when he crashes into the Tower of the Gods.


CandD (talk)


CandD is right, in most 3-D Zelda games you can find funny Zelda scenes. Of course this question obvously depends on what you think of as funny. There is one (to me) in Ocarina of Time, when Link sees Ruto grown up at the Water Temple. There is of course that one in Wind Waker that everyone refers to. Timelinesplitter 21:17, May 16, 2012 (UTC)


I like in MM, when Link's watching the Stlin' Scarecrow dance and he just shrugs and shakes his head like 'What the heck?' And in the same game, whenever the Great Fairies disappear, Link waves to them, that was funny, too. And (this part was both sad and somewhat amusing) when he makes a grave for Mikau in Great Bay Coast and then he stands there mourning and crying in front of it. If you wear the Captain's Hat during the battle in Ikana Castle and the King goes like 'Oh, Keeta! It is you!...But...but you're so....TINY!'

^ Oh, and there's another one from MM. When Link mistakenly takes the Goron's reservation and he's like '??? Yu're not sure why, but somehow you had a reservation...' And when you stop the Moon from falling and when Tael tries to explain Skull Kid's actions to Tatl, she cuts him off and says, 'Yeah, I know. The mask was controlling him, and the Skull Kid was all lonely 'cause no one would play with him. Blah blah blah...' Not sure if those are the exact words, but it was still plenty funny!

^ Fun Fact: Tatl says that after you've beaten the game twice on the same game save. That is because Tatl is somewhat impatient and already knows what is going to happen, just like when Skull Kid hits Tael, Tatl says that Skull Kid keeps hitting him. Although, in reality it is Skull Kid hitting him for the first time, everytime...You may have already known that, but just a fun fact. That part is pretty funny though. Timelinesplitter 22:02, May 16, 2012 (UTC)

Oh, and there's this one:

Deku Link (walking through Clock Tower) 'What the heck is this place?...Oh well, let's take a look outside, shall we?

Happy Mask Salesman (does that creepish laugh) 'You've suffered a terrible fate, haven't you?'

(Tatl hides behind Link)

I also found it amusing when Tatl hit Link on the head when he tried chasing after Skull Kid, when she was like 'My name's Tatl. It's nice to meet you or whatever...' and 'Wait! Listen...Back there...I...I apologize. So...So take me with you!' I also for some reason was amused by how Link's fairy flies inside his hat if he's not using her for targeting or anything. Ooh, and I forgot Darunia dancing to Saria's Song, and when Link exits Dodongo's Cavern, looks around, then dives out of the way when Darunia comes crashing down on top of him.

I'm sorry, I keep coming up with more. At the beginning of OoT, when Navi's flying through Kokiri Forest trying to find Link's house, and she flies under Mido's legs and says 'Hey!' and 'Hello!' to two other Kokiri, then flies toward the fence and crashes into it, then shakes her head and flies through.

Also, when Link defeats Barinade and warps out, then when the screen fades back in, he opens his eyes and sees Princess Ruto standing right in front of him, screams, and falls down into the water, and then Navi flies down after him. I thought that part was funny.

Just found a new one. In Link's Awakening, when you have Marin following you and you go into the Trendy Game and she wants to play. If you let her, she picks up the guy with the crane and then he's all like 'What the heck?' and then he kicks you out. That was HILARIOUS!

And in SS, when Fi appears in front of Scrapper and he tries to woo her. And since Fi can't comprehend what it is he wants, all she does is '...'


In The Legend of Zelda NES, everytime Link holds up an object, he's always releasing a stupid smile.

In Ocarina of Time, Navi bumps into a fence when trying to reach Link's House, Darunia pats Link on the head too hard, the Gorons try to hug Link but he runs off, Link falls back after seeing Ruto in Lord-Jabu-Jabu's place, the Iron Knuckle snaps his fingers to get the axe and Twinrova arguing.

In Majora's Mask, Happy Mask Salesman shakes Link by the neck, the dance Link does with the Kamero Mask, Mikau sings and plays his guitar when dying, Igos du Ikana mistaking Link as Captain Keeta but he's just wearing a mask, the Igos Servents arguing and Majora's Incarnation's funny dance.

In Wind Waker, Tetra falls off the tree, Link flying in a barrel, Link face-plants straight onto the Forsaken Fortress, the Killer Bee's rudeness and cheers, Tingle's catchphrase and attitude, the Moblin crying everytime when Link slashes his backside, the Postbox spitting out the letter, Link face-plants onto the Tower of Gods, the Fishman game where you have to shoot his neck, the Helmaroc King as he can go into the tower head-first duting battle and Jalhalla's death scene.

In Twilight Princess, Talo's behaviour, Link stopping an Ordon Goat, Link and Fado looking at each-other after Ilia scolds them, Midna teasing Wolf Link, Wolf Link trying to bite Midna when she rides him, Midna almost falling off Link when they meet Zelda in Hyrule Castle, Ook smacking his back-side after destroying the bridge, Barnes using his hyperactive walk after he hears Renado mentions a cellar, Barnes scuttling back after Luda mentions the Shadow Insects, Link trying to calm Epona down, Link and Fado using their foot-slams before a sumo-wrestle, Barnes covering his face with his mask after seeing King Bulblin, the Bulblins can go out of control with their Bulbo's, Beth and Luda trying to feed Colin, Link throwing the Gorons away after grabbing them, Cor Goron using his foot-slam, Dangoro burning his back-side, the sledding race to the Snowpeak Ruins, Yeto pushing Link to get the ingredients, Yeta's scary face, Yeto knocking over Link when he charges at Yeta, Link gasping at Armogohma's true form, Armogohma trying to flee with her children, Zant stretching and spinning, Zant's tantrum after Midna was the next in line of royalty, fighting a crazy Zant and Midna stabbing Zant with her hair.

^ Forgot Ganondorfs funny squeaky breathing after he fell off his horse in the final battle. He sounds like he broke his nose or something. --Jesus Kravitz 00:49, May 18, 2012 (UTC)

In Skyward Sword, Link seeing Zelda's Loftwing in his dream, Link falling out of bed, the Loftwing spitting the letter onto Link, Link throwing a barrel onto Henya, Zelda pushing Link off Skyloft, Zelda's Loftwing grabbing Link and crashing, Zelda scolding Groose, Groose breathing steam out of his nose, Link face-plants onto the ground if the pasrachute isn't used, Ghirahim talking to Link and doing a dance, Groose grabbing onto Link hands while he was parachuting, ??? appearing in the toilet, ??? stroking Cawlin to sleep and Batreaux cowering after Link tries to kill him.

I like when you constanly wack Zelda with the Whip when she is in Phantom Armor in Spirit Tracks, when Kotake and Koume argue after they die in Ocarina of Time, and "I AM ERROR" from Zelda II. -HeroOfBlades

"...What? Say something! Am I so beautiful that you have no words left?" That part was more happy that funny, but it gave a comical feeling because Link ran to the top of the hill expecting a once-lost imp friend, and instead he found a strange but appealing young woman. The long pause was what made this funny, because if not for the above quote, Link probably wouldn't have known it was Midna. Also, her choice of words was pretty funny, too, and a lot better than just saying 'Has my beauty left you speechless?' or something.

When link is catapulted into a wall in ww