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It is unknown currently. Ilia may have supposively shown affection toward Link in Twilight princess. However, due to the fact that Link never talks (Besides war cries), we do not know about his feelings about Ilia. We can only read his expressions at times. So basically, it's a mystery.

It looks like he's in love with her at the beginning of the game, and when she gets her memory back, but it's hard to tell

I think it's pretty obvious that he liked her, kind of like with Zelda in SS. Yeah, they didn't come as close to kissing in TP or anything, but it was the same general idea - she's a childhood friend, and Link was still happy with her even after she did annoying things to him, like taking his horse. Plus, you can see in the scene where Ilia regains her memories that he's clearly very happy to have her remember him, even happier than he was to see the Ordon kids. And look at his face when he first meets her in Telma's Bar. He literally spends the entire scene just standing there slack-jawed, staring in shock and wondering why she doesn't recognize him. The Gift (talk) 03:43, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

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