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Honestly, learn how to type full senteces people. It's really getting annoying.

Oh, and that's the "Picto Box"

Well since that's not really a full question, I'm not sure how to answer...

If you mean the figurines in Wind Waker, you need a color camera and a picture of the person/enemy to get it. To get the color camera, either beat the game once or do a small quest. Talk to Lenzo, the camera guy in the orange-ish robes and the long beard, on Windfall Island, and take pictures for him. After doing this, go to the Deku Tree's island and catch one of the glowing orbs that float around the forest. Bring this to Lenzo, and he'll turn your camera into a color camera. Go back to the Deku's island and use a pear to control a seagull, then find a crystal switch and activate it. This will open a hatch on a nearby island. Then, go on the Deku Tree and ride up, until you find an exit that allows you to glide down on your Deku Leaf and into the hatch.

If you meant "What does collecting all the figures in The Minish Cap do?", then I believe there's a man in Hyrule Town that gives you a key to a building or something like that, which contains a sound test via a phonograph.

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