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It is generally assumed among the fan sites that Ocarina of Time is the earliest, as it is when Ganon first acquires the Triforce of Power. However, as there are few 'landmarks in time' to distinquish how long different games are apart in time (despite the fact that none of the Hyrules have ever aspired to modern times) there may be no set timeline from game to game. However, most games have a 'sequel' of sorts which often occurs following the next big leap, usually released after a new console comes out.

Ocarina of Time

Majora's Mask --

Link to the Past

Link's Awakening

Oracle of Seasons/Ages


Wind Waker

Phantom Hourglass


Twilight Princess (this does not yet have a sequel so it could probably fit anywhere between Link to the Past and the NES versions.) --

The Legend of Zelda

Adventure of Link

There also was a Zelda game for the Philips game console, but it was horrible and doesn't really fit in the timeline.

Answered on Sep 7th 2009

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