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Welcome to Zelda Answers!Edit

Welcome to Zelda Answers, Yumeyo-yuki. Thanks for contributing! I hope you join in and ask or answer some more questions. You can find the new questions on the WikiActivity page. If you need any help, have a look at Help:Wikianswers. -- Darkraivids (Talk) 15:17, October 21, 2011

Hi! Edit

Hello there! Welcome to ZA wikia, I'm Timelinesplitter the bureaucrat and head-honcho in these parts, haha. Just stopped by to give you a personal welcome to the site, whether your stay will be long or short, I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any site-related questions, feel free to ask them at my talk page, or report them to other frequent passer-by's, in which they'll likely either report it to me, or I'll learn of it eventually. Later!  Timelinesplitter Chaos 05:28, April 30, 2013 (UTC)

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