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One of the main reasons the water temple is annoying is because there aren't enough keys.There is one locked door near the bottom of the main room that should never be opened. If you open it you cannot finish the temple and will have to restart the game

I don't know what the "watter tempal" is.

Actually, there are enough keys. You just have to look for them harder. Timelinesplitter (talk) 01:35, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

I AM ZERO!!! Since when was the water temple hard? Tedious is a more apporiate answer. Anyways, when ever im in need of a key, I look for every treasure chest there is. This is easier when you have a compass, so if you haven't already found it, try getting that first. Otherwise, go for the chests.

A problem I've seen more than once comes right fter the Dark Link fight. There is a timed gate and to get past it before it closes you have to use the longshot to pull yourself to a chest. I have seen many people forget to open the chest after pulling themselves over to it. Try checking there.

Same place as your spelling. God damn.

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