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Many moons ago, Mayor Plen celebrated his 50th birthday. Now, I'm not one to tell tales outta school, but word around Holodrum is, there were exotic dancers. After a spectacular feast and many a drink, the dancers came on. Unbeknownst to most, Plen has an extreme psychological disorder that is triggered by the consumption of alcohol, closely related to childhood trauma.

Apparently, two of the dancers were killed in a fit of violent rage. To cover the thing up, their bodies were buried close to his house. To avoid rousing further suspicion, a spot for Gasha Seeds was constructed atop the burial site. The local authorities were silenced; we may never know the full story, but in towns such as these, rumors abound.

What we do know is, local teenagers Rebecca Talreish and Ariadne Blackswell are still reported missing.

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