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Maybe.Yeah probably. In Skyward Sword Fi DID call Link her master, Hence calling it the Master Sword, but then again, SS is more recent, but the beginning of the Timeline altogether, so that could be a theory on why the sword is called the Master Sword.

first answerer- you know you could edit and make your answer by pressing enter so it doesn't mix in with the other. it makes it hard to tell whose answer is whose.

- No midna is just a butthole.

^How is Midna a butthole? Sure, she can be selfish at times, but she just wanted to save her people. After you kill Morpheel, she apologizes for dragging you around.

Well, considering the game Twilight Princess was released in 2006, and Skyward Sword was released in 2011, making a whopping five year difference. It is unlikely that the character Fi, much less the game Skyward Sword was in development during the development of this quote. And the Master Sword is called the Master Sword because it is a somewhat cliche name to represent the fact that the Master Sword is the ultimate weapon, its name has literally nothing to do with Fi. I can say that with confidence since the Master Sword's first appearance was on the game A Link to the Past, which was released in 1991 (Japan), it was also given the name "the Blade of Evil's Bane" which explains quite clearly that it is a blade that "Ones with Evil Hearts can never touch", which would tell you that the Master Sword would be literally the ultimate weapon for good. Now the only relevance that Fi would have with the Master Sword is because the Master Sword seems to have a mind of its own, choosing its own master. This would likely not be a reference to Fi, but rather Fi would be a reference to this fact. Timelinesplitter 06:08, May 15, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah I researched about Fi and the Goddess Sword, more commonly known as the Master Sword, so I came up with that theory.