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The history of Majora's Mask is scarcely elaborated upon. The only clues to its past are given by the Happy Mask Salesman, who explains that the mask was once used by an ancient race in hexing rituals. The mask was sealed in shadow after the tribe discovered the enormous powers it held and the destruction it was capable of causing.

If you're referring to the game Majora's Mask. It was released in America on the Nintendo 64, during the year 2000. If you're referring to Majora's Mask in the game. Then we can't really say, it isn't elaborated on much during the game, and Nintendo does not explain much about its origins. As the above stated, the Happy Mask Salesman gives you few details about it. So, it isn't really confirmed as to how it was created and who actually created it. The origins of Majora's Mask is an extremely theorized subject in the Zelda Universe. The best theory I had heard and believe is that the Demon Majora, whom dwells within the Mask, and is also the final boss in the game. Was sealed within a Mask, by a Fierce Diety most likely. Timelinesplitter 22:50, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

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