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Alright, so you've got the area with the three 'islands' just before you reach Goron Village, right? Drop down off of them or off of the bridges connecting them, then hunt through the giant snowballs. One will be bigger than the others and Tatl will react to it.. I believe she'll turn green. Either way, bomb it or bash it with the Goron's punch, then dump hot spring water on him. (You can get that from atop one of the islands if you unfroze the ice from it. If not, Darmani's grave has hot spring water surrounding it.) This will melt the ice around him, and he'll begin walking off... or rather, stumbling off since that's all he can do.

You must react quickly as he will freeze again. Talk to him, but he'll try to pass you off as an illusion if you're link. You need to wear the goron mask, and talk to him. He'll recognize you as a goron and teach you half of the Goron Lullaby. Go back to the screaming baby goron in the village and he'll teach you the other half. After that, you can use the song to enter the temple.

Hope that helped!

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