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In OoT: Not Zelda, since she didn't have a big impact on Link's adventure. Just teaching songs and such, so Malon would make more sense. TP: Midna. They were together pretty much the entire game, they have to feelings for eachother by now. A lot of people say Illia but I just don't see it... Not Ruto or Saria because that just doesn't add up. SS: Zelda since they were chldhood friends, and it makes sense. I wish Fi but she went into eternal slumber :(

Link doesn't have a girlfriend as of now

{C ...however, in Ocarina of Time, I'm pretty sure that Malon is the only girl that we know of who isn't a sage, so one could reasonably assume, by process of elimination, that he marries her.

Also, Link in Twilight Princess is a rancher, implying Malon is his ancestor, but it's only a theory.

From someone else: In Skyward Sword, I think they have more of a romance.

There is really no romance between characters in any game, except for Skyward Sword, in which Link and Zelda share a romance.

^ In TP, there was a hint at romance between Link and Ilia at various times in the game...It could have been just their really close friendship, but I think not.

..sniffle..sniff... It should be Saria. Link grew up with her, hung out with her, mido got jealous because of link and her, and even after you beat the forest temple and talk to mido, he tells link that she really liked him. Saria would be the perfect match...IF IT WEREN'T FOR DESTINY >:( so in other words, it would be saria and link if saria didn't become a sage.

The Link of Ocarina of Time never had a romantic relationship. After the events of Ocarina of Time, Link was sent back to his own time after the split in the timeline. According to the Child Timeline, the events of Majora's Mask happened next with the Hero of Time, after the events of Majora's Mask, Link continued his search for Navi. Later on in the Child Timeline, in Twilight Princess, it is told in the Hyrule Historia, that the Hero's Shade that teaches the Link of Twilight Princess, the secret techniques, is actually the Hero of Time Link from Ocarina and Majora's Mask. It is to be assumed, from the Hero Shade's appearance, that the Hero of Time became a Stalfos, because of his constant wandering within the Lost Woods without the company of a fairy. Although, I agree, that if he had stayed in Hyrule, Malon would, by process of elimination, be his romantic relationship. Since the rest were sages.

^ The rest of them weren't sages - Link was sent back in time to a point where none of them had been awakened as sages. However, Saria never grows up, and Link was sent back to before he met Ruto, but I'm still not sure about Malon. I don't remember there ever being a hint of romance between the two.


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