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I agree Midna was cool she had character development she wasn't GRRRRR (you didn't want to kill her) she didn't constantly remind you of your job and helped you only when you needed it Fi was (I use was because *spoiler* she dies *spoiler ends*) way better than Navi even though she reacked the cool music with her bleaping sword when you almost died when your shield is about to break when your remote was about to die what you need to do and she wouldn't stop pestering you until you did it and she didn't really have a personality till the end but she was nice and pretty. Navi was just plain anoying "Hey Listen" "Watch out" "Look" and she wouldn't shut up and she had no personaity you didn't like her in the end you wanted to kill her or wack her with your deku stick

Yip, same order: Midna>Fi>Navi..."Hey, watch out, look, listen!!!"

I don't like any of 'em. my all time favorite sidekick is and will always be Tatl.

hmmm sure is hard to navi-gate these questions

^^ Corny.

^^ HEY LISTEN, zelda-m do you hear a pun like that

^^ Actually, I hear that pun all the time.

i like midna the most because she is the least annoying and has not almost got me killed as much as one sidekick who has only been around for a little more then a month, then tatl for she is less annoying then navi, then comes navi because her muffin rage is awesome and then Fi, who has almost killed me too many times to count, i havent even beat the game yet and annoyingly pops up to tell me pointless percentages and tells me more thing i already knew more then all the others combined

Midna is the best sidekick EVER


Fi: She doesn't have a personality, and her voice sounds autotuned.

Midna: Awesome

Tatl. She was sarcastic.


Fi and Midna are my favorites

^Ciela. not Celia. Shaminn Mudkip 

Midna is the coolest she's not at all annoying, but in the begining of the game you could tell Link was ready kill her because she was making fun of him a lot, and instead of just stating the obvious answer like Fi does (by the way the way fi is probably the least creative name in series) Midna doesn't make Link look like an idiot, she tends to be mysterious, but yet still very helpful. Her personality changes later in the game her personality changes from her sarcastic self-centered core and Link becomes more tolerant of her her, with a very sharp tongue like Navi, gives those two characters more personality than other Zelda sidekicks, but that's just my opinion of course, also the fact that her powers and design are very interesting, also the fact that most of the zelda sidekicks are fairies.

^ This is pretty sad, you all hold a strong dislike for Navi because she says literally four things in the entire game? You people are easily annoyed. I honestly wonder if you legitimately are annoyed by that, or are just saying it in the attempt to be agreed upon. In my opinion, Midna was probably my favorite out of the three...Although I honestly do not know why we only have a choice of just the three...Midna had loads of personality, and although she is a very overrated character in the series, she deserves some of the hype. Navi is my second favorite of the three, although she had little personality, I felt that she actually had a connection with Link thoughout the game, and although she made little impact in the game, you could tell in the end, that Navi was a dear friend of Link's. Fi is likely my least favorite of all the companions in the series...For many, many reasons. I've explained them multiple times here, and I don't feel that I need to repeat them.  Timelinesplitter Chaos 22:10, October 6, 2012 (UTC)

^ Yeah. I agree about the hatin' on Navi. Even if she did get a LITTLE annoying, she actually provided a really helpful service to you. I also agree about the only 3 sidekicks. My favorite is King of Red Lions, and there is also Elzo, Talt, Ciela, and Zelda. And if you want to be annoyed by Navi for realz, here! Shaminn Mudkip 
Nyan Cat Navi Hey Remix10:02

Nyan Cat Navi Hey Remix

^Agreed. And I personally like Navi the best. DarmaniTheFourth (talk) 03:10, October 7, 2012 (UTC)

That video... entertained me more than it should've. To the point of uncontrollable laughing, and I'm not sure why, 'cause I love Navi!

Anyway, to answer the question, I'd have to say that Navi is my favourite, and Midna is my second favourite, I haven't played Skyward Sword, so I don't have an opinion on Fi. Of the other sidekicks, my list would be Ciela, The King of Red Lions, Navi, Midna, Zelda, Tatl. That's just out of the games I've played, so, yeah! TriforceAryll! Talk!Triforce21:03, November 13, 2012 (UTC)

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