Welcome to Zelda Answers. What would you like to know?

In my opinion:

  1. 10: Groose
  2. 9: ???
  3. 8: Happy Mask Salesman
  4. 7: Levias
  5. 6: Remlits
  6. 5: Fierce Deity Link
  7. 4: The Moon
  8. 3: Majora's incarnation
  9. 2: Grog
  10. 1: Ghiraham


Also in my opinion:

11. Pinkle
12. Tingle
13.Ghirahim (But he's awesome)
14. Happy Mask Salesman (But he's even awesome-ER)
15. ??? (Gives me the creeps)
16. Levias
17. Elegy of Emptiness Statue (I bet you know why)
18. Stirch (When he calls Link a mantis and admits he LIKES Mantises)
19. Dark Link (As he emerged from the tree in the Water Temple I didnt see him coming)
20. The Yetis

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