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Most likely Ganondorf, being Demise's incarnation, therefore stronger than Ghirahim.

Maybe Ganondorf, since he's the reincarnation of Ghirahim's master.There are many good aspects about both of them. While Ganondorf is a 'master' himself, such as in Twilight Princess, Ghirahim is not. Ghirahim is the one who is attempting to resurrect his master, Demise. Therefore Ganondorf would have greater might. Ghirahim only has the ability to summon several creatures, such as some bosses we've seen in Skyward Sword to life, but beside of that he's a powerful demon. Ganon on the other side, has the ability to change into a mighty beast. If I have to sum it up, it's going to be difficult to answer. Personally I think, that Ganondorf would win, due to his great power and might. Ghirahim is strong, and his thirst for bloodshed shapes his character. Though he's strong, probably he's no match for Ganondorf. A battle between these would be epic for sure anyway! =D

Obviously Ganondorf, being a master tactician and a powerful enemy and a chosen of the Goddesses. Wielding a piece of the Triforce might make him more powerful than Demise himself, but I doubt it. Timelinesplitter 22:01, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

I would be cheering for Ghiraim the whole time, but Ganondorf (Gannondork) would probably win. I think if they did have a fight, Ganondorf would be the only one fighting. Ghirahim would probably just avoid him and try to get Ganondorf to remember him. There is still a conundrum here though. Think about this for a second, Ganondorf faces Link once in every game (excluding a few), and every time, Link hands Ganondork his own rear. Ghirahim faces Link THREE times (four if you count the final fight where he is just in his sword form), and only Doesn't ever really die. Ghirahim doesn't even officially die when his sword disappears, he just blips off the face of Hyrule. Now granted, Ghirahim faced Link while he was weak the first time, but he also is the second to last boss of Skyward Sword. Ghirahim WAS severely hurt,but he still isn't killed. I agree with whoever said it would be an epic battle (assuming Ghira fought and not just dodged while pleading to the reincarnation of his "master")