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I think the reason why its difficult is because your used to using fairies when you die. yes you have three lives, but you start over either at the beginning of a temple or where zelda is sleeping, making you travel back to where you died. you also have to know certian ways to beat enimies like the blue and red iron knuckle, if not, they can take up all of your lives. one of the best way to live as long as possible is up ur life meter and know the magic that will reduce enemy attacks in half.

I think Death Mountain is a very good reason...I saw Ganon's face about what?...Three times a day? Mainly because of the enemies, I think. Even if you're leveled fairly high in the game, enemies can usually do a fair amount of damage to you. Timelinesplitter 23:17, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

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