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because it sounds better than the legend of link!

I'll tell you why.... the legend of Zelda... Legend meaning a old story. Even more so, a prophecy being told. in almost every game, Zelda, has a legend to tell link. Take OoT, her legend was the Triforce. It is the legend of Zelda. Link is the mere hero in it all. Also, since Zelda is a story being told, there is legend coming from that..... The entire Zelda time line, storys, so on, speak for its self. the first Zelda game is the legend of getting the trifforce. Not saving her. As we all must know, the Zelda story is complicated. Putting your mind, and thinking about it, will unlock answers that will impress every body.... -Kata89

The reason it is named the legend of zelda, is because the story wraps around her or someone close to her, enough to tell a story that LINK-ed backed to her. Legend of zelda, adventure of link, Both of those had a 'save the princess' thing going on, 1 was side-scroll, top down view. 2 was a sidescroll, 2d view but instead of saving her from a Moblin-mutant, he has to revive her from sleep. Link to the past has the save the princess theme but also save the kingdom theme. Links Awakening was the sequel to Link to the past. OoT has you do save kingdom theme, Majora's Mask is Alternate reality world of Hyrule ( Termina )

Well, all of the games pretty much center around something to do with Zelda [i.e. her kidnapping, the Four Sword, Termina being an alternate Hyrule, etc.], and the Master Sword links to her because she is part of the royal family that basically keeps guard over it. The case with Termina being that it seems to be an alternate Hyrule, the land which Zelda is the princess of.

some things are better left unanswered.... (i know nothing!)

If you look through history, many legends center around a person of high standing. Whether or not that person was involved in many of the actions or not doesn't matter. If you wanted to learn about King Arthur, he has a whole series of legends, although many of them center around his knights. If a historian is capturing a period in time, they will often refer to a time period when a king or queen was existing. However you look at it, the Legend of Zelda can denote various historical practices of naming a series of stories after a person of higher standing.

You guys (except for the one who knows nothing) make me feel like I should have a cool, intelligent answer for you. Well I don't. All I can say is that it threw me off when I didn't know a thing about it. And also, the creators wanted Link to be a 'link' between the player and the game world. So they are not likely to focus on him in the title.

The creators wanted Link to actually be a 'link' to the game,but only one occasion has Zelda been playable.The CD-i games.Those two games were SOLELY based off saving Link and defeating Ganondorf.But that was because the creators wanted Zelda to have action in sometime.And that proves that there can be female heroes and male.

according the special edition nintendo power zelda magizine, link is the main protagonist, but never runs the story.

Because Shigeru Miyamoto is awesome like that!~


This is the 10th time i've had to explain.Ok see.....Legend means old story.You know that.And it's not real right,so legend + Zelda = Old magical tale of the legendary princess. My story sucks. I was starting to sound like Mr. Ressetti from AC!


Skyward sword explains why the entire legend is Zelda's.



When the Goddess Hylia (LoZ: Skyward Sword) reincarnated to finish saving the world, a mission she began predating the events of Skyward Sword, she was born as a daughter unto a man who named her Zelda. The Goddess Hylia retained her sacred power, but had forgotten all of what she knew of being a goddess and savior. Link's job is to be her protector. In every game where Zelda has been born into a royal family, she is raised from birth to follow her role as Sage or other type of sacred guardian. Link is always born a commoner and must both train and relearn his cunning, which is why it's fun to play Link's role in each chapter of Zelda's legend.



There isn't a story-based reason for it. This reason can be easily traced back all the way from the first game Nintendo made of the series. Link was a character devised as an actual "Link" between the game and the player, which is why Link has his name. This is also why the player is able to name the protagonist (Link), in pretty much every game. So, although Link is the hero. Zelda was the character that the original game was based around. Timelinesplitter 17:36, April 22, 2012 (UTC)