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Opinon based.

I would say that the Iron Knuckle is the best, as it comes with a sword and shield along with its armour, but the Darknut does not have a shield, therefore making it weaker than the Iron Knuckle.

Um... darknuts are the ones with shields while iron knuckles have the huge battle axes.

I think that the iron knuckle is stronger since it usually hits 3 hearts! Windwaker darknuts have shields, and are invulnerable for all projectiles even bombs.

i like darknuts better since they've been around since loz (DAMN THEY'RE ANNOYING)and they look badass in TP and know karate in WW. iron knuckle is only in the 64 games, maybe if they appear in the new zelda game i might change my mind.-zeldafreak07

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