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Questions that meet the following criteria should be tagged for deletion:

  • Are obvious junk, spam, or vandalism
  • Are suspected to be junk, spam, or vandalism
  • Insult another user
  • Are vague, incomplete, or unanswerable questions
  • Are answered almost immediately by the user/anon who wrote it

It is recommended that you sign your answer using four tildes (~), so as to avoid confusion as to who may have written the answer. However, it is more of a requirement for Users, rather than anonymous contributers.

You should also space your answer using the Enter button of your keyboard, this will help avoid answer mingling, and would make it easier to read answers to questions. This honestly shouldn't have to be said.

Article Comments

Comments can be used for discussion or another option of answering the question, if you wish to reply to a comment, please refrain from adding another comment above it, instead, press the Reply button on the section of comments you wish to reply to.

Be aware that comments and answers can also be deleted if it does not follow the Zelda Answers' policy, or the Wikia's Terms of Service. As well as the commentator can recieve a warning or a ban from the site for a limited time, if the commentator breaks the Policy/Terms of Service on numerous occasions.

User Pages

User pages are allowed to have anything on them, as long as it does not break the Wikia terms of services or this wiki's policies.

User Talk Pages

User talk pages are allowed to have anything on them as long as it does not break the Wikia terms of services or this wiki's policies.


Explicit language is only allowed on user pages or user talk pages, as long as it is not used to insult users or too explicit.

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